Thursday, January 22, 2015

Norman Vs BDS, Round Two

See as how we originally broke the story of Norman Finkelstein throwing some criticisms towards BDS (and in the process exposing some serious flaws in the movement) I felt obligated to share with you his latest reiteration of his points in an interview on The Real News. It's rather long, but the whole thing is worth reading. Finkelstein repeats his point that the BDS movement will never reach mainstream acceptance as long as it refuses to take a stand about whether or not Israel should exist:
FINKELSTEIN: You can't, because you can do one of two things. You can say--which is a perfectly reasonable position--you could say to hell with the law, I don't care what international law says, International law is made by privileged states, it's made by imperialists, it's made by--so on and so forth. You know the rhetoric, so I don't have to go through it with you. You can take that position and say, we don't care about international law, we don't care if international law recognizes Israel. We don't. That's fine. Or we don't take a position. Or the second option is you say you are anchored in international law, but then you have to take the good and bad in the law. You take it as a package. You can't say, for example, I have the right to walk at the green, but I have no opinion on the red. A law is about--law consists of two things: rights and obligations, rights and responsibilities. You can't just claim rights for yourself but then claim to be agnostic or, quote, I don't have an opinion on your obligations to others. That's not the law. That's cherry-picking the law. That's what Israel always did. Israel kept saying to the Palestinians, you have to recognize us, you have to recognize us. But they refuse to recognize the Palestinian right to self-determination and statehood. If it was wrong for Israel to do that because it demanded the right for itself but not its obligation to the Palestinians, it's wrong for the other side to do it.

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